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Harden Shredder TD912 serves bulky waste disposal center in Shanghai

Harden Shredder TD912 serves bulky waste disposal center in Shanghai

Issue Time:2018-04-09

Harden bulky waste shredding disposal technology


Asone of the leading bulky waste shredder manufacturers in China, Harden companyhas received dozens ofsuccessful bulky waste shredding disposal cases in both domestic and overseamarket. With years of shredding experiences, Harden bulky waste shredding disposaltechnology is mature and well received in the market.


Bulkywaste includes some bulky furniture, wooden pallets, tree branches, decorationwaste in the city. If being processed properly, wood, leather, and textile canbe recycled as fuel in the incineration plant and metal can be re-melt toremakesteels.

Harden successful bulky waste disposal in Shanghai


Bulky waste disposal case informationoverview

Location: Bulky wastedisposal center, Huangpu district, Shanghai

Center acreage:1500

Harden shredder model: Harden TD912

Output: 60-120 pieces per hour

Operators needed: 2 person

Shredder installation time: Sept,2016


Comingwith conveyor and ferrous separator, Harden bulky waste disposal system wasinstalled in Sept. 2016. Bulky waste from Huangpu district and Luwan districtwill be collected to bulky waste disposal center of Huangpu, Harden bulky wastedisposal system shred bulky waste into qualified size, after shredding. Theparticles will be transferred to the resource processing center for furtherprocessing.

Harden One-stop system

Feeding+Shredding+FerrousSeparating+ Dust Removing


Harden bulky waste disposal shredder TD912


Hardenbulky waste shredder TD912 is a kind of two shaft shredder, quite suitable forbulky waste , industrial waste, MSW, decorationwaste etc. Harden bulky waste shredder TD912 comes with world -class hydraulicsystem and automatic overload protection, you will have no worry about materialhanging, material winding, material blocking which happen in most of the othershredders.

Features of bulky wasteshredder TD912 and system

l  Knivesare made of high strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing

l  Knivescan be repaired by welding to reduce the maintenance cost

l  Doubleseals, dust proof maze and material baffle for core part protection

l  SiemensPLC automatic controller with overload protection

l  Siemensmotor and quality gearbox ensures high stability

l  Conveyortransport for labor reducing

l  Dustpelletizing system integrated in both of shredders and conveyors

l  Self-dischargingferrous separator

l  Centralizedautomatic controller for safe and easy operation


Hydraulicdriven is available at Harden shredding technology


Cuttingchamber of bulky waste shredder TD912

More specification about bulky wasteshredder TD912 as below




Motor power kW


Cutting chamber mm


Knife size mm


Knives quantity pcs


Rotating speed rpm


Hopper opening mm


Machine dimension mm


Machine weight kg


Output kg/h


Pleasefeel free to contact Harden to discuss more bulky waste disposal solution.

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