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Harden Hazardous waste disposal project in Shandong, China

Harden Hazardous waste disposal project in Shandong, China

Issue Time:2018-04-10

Hazardous waste disposal project in Dezhou, Shandong


As the largest city excelling at chemical industry province in China, Shandong province has a hazardous waste disposal center which islocated in CircularEconomy Demonstration Park in Dezhou City. It is the only comprehensive solid hazardous waste disposal site in Dezhou city. Thisdisposal center can realize the hazardous waste resourcerecycling, hazardous waste reduction and harmlessdisposal of hazardous wastes. Since the completion of the commissioning of thedisposal center, hazardous wastedisposal center has run in steady and normal operation.


Harden Your most reliable manufacturer for hazardous wastedisposal project

At the early stage of constructing thishazardous waste disposal center, the key process and equipment is to choose arobust and economical hazardous waste shredder. Comparing all the hazardouswaste shredding technology and hazardous waste shredder performance in themarket, manager of the hazardous waste center eventually choose the mostspecialized hazardous waste shredder manufacturer Harden who carries years ofexperiences in hazardous waste disposal industry.



In view of the complex diversity of hazardouswaste in China, Harden provides complete hazardous waste disposal solutions(including the demanding of operation, safety, performance, and considering themaintenance, operating costs, etc. for our customers). Harden hazardous wastedisposal shredder system has played a key role in the process of hazardouswaste shredding.

Features of Harden hazardous waste disposal system


l Owns hundreds ofsuccessful hazardous waste disposal cases, provides complete and safe hazardouswaste disposal solution

l Equipped with withimported hydraulic pump with maximum output pressure up to 40MPa

l Knives are made ofhigh strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing

l Knives can berepaired by welding to reduce the maintenance cost

l Equipped with firemonitoring system, real-time understanding of the working environment withinthe cutting chamber

l Equipped with CO2and N2 fire protection system for safety

l  Siemens and Schneider electric components ensure highstability


For more information or inquiry, pleasefeel free to contact Harden to discuss more medical waste processing solutions.

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