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Harden organic waste management project in Taohua Island, Zhejiang

Harden organic waste management project in Taohua Island, Zhejiang

Issue Time:2018-04-12


Benefit of Organic Waste Management

Organic materials come from living plants andanimals,like fruit and vegetables waste, kitchen waste, supermarket waste, expired foodwaste, etc. Organic waste are best managed as a resource rather than a waste. Organicwaste are part of our life, how to manage organic waste and turn them intovaluable and clean resource is a high priority of the organicwaste management center.


The most common ways to manage waste is reductionand reuse, landfill. Generally recycling organic materials by composting, anaerobic digestionland application and otherorganics recycling technologies reduces the generation of greenhouse gases, making a green andcleaner environment for human beings.


Taohua island is located in Zhejiang, a costal city of theeast China sea. With the rising recycling awareness of the local people,government built a organic waste management center on this island to manage theorganic waste from supermarket, kitchen waste and other organic waste.

Harden was chosen to provide Organic Waste Management systemfor Taohua Island

At the very beginning of the organic waste management, theJapanese and European organic waste shredder manufacturers were taken intoaccount for their advanced organic waste shredding technology. Due to thedifferent nature of the domestic and foreign organic waste components, theseJapanese and European organic waste management shredders are not that suitablefor disposing domestic waste. Furthermore, the high cost of the organic waste managementshredder is beyond the financial budget. Adaptability and after-sales serviceconditions of foreign organic waste management shredder are limited.


Harden company are good at offering shredding system andwaste management solution to customers, we are the leading organic wastemanagement shredder manufacturer in China. We have received thousands ofsuccessful organic waste management projects from both domestic and overseamarket. After comparison, Harden was chosen for providing organic waste managementsystem for this beautiful Taohua island for this reliable organic wastemanagement shredders and high quality after-sale service.


Why Harden- Excellent features of Harden Organic Waste Managementsystem

l  With all closed transferringsystem methods and spiral conveyor prevents material overflow,  operating environment is more safe andsanitary

l  Equipped with a small liferto feed, save time and labor cost

l  The parameters of organicwaste management shredders and dewatering machines can be adjusted to broad adaptability

l  Allow small sanitationvehicles directly feeding to simplify the organic waste management process

l  Less than 40kW / hourdesign power for energy saving


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