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Bulky Waste Shredding Disposal
Harden created the first bulky waste shredder in China in 2010 and kept researching, innovating the shredding technologies for years. Harden provides completed primary shredding system including feeding, separating, shredding and stocking bin. Feeder can be a grabber, chain conveyor or lifting machine. Harden solved some major problems of bulky waste shredding such as materials hanging shaft and dust leakage. Covers well designed and pulse deducting unit makes no dust workshop.


Appliance scrap shredder

Furniture shredder

Mattress shredder

Bulky waste shredder

System Examples
Heavy-duty Bulky Waste Shredding Disposal System
Medium-size Bulky Waste Shredding Disposal System
Reference Images
Bulky Waste, Sofa, Mattress
Wood, Fabrics

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