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Harden World Class Cutting Chamber Design Launched

Harden World Class Cutting Chamber Design Launched

Issue Time:2018/04/06

 To offer the best cutting performance, under the leadership of German Technical Director, Harden team introduced the advanced European design concept and develop a brand new cutting chamber for our double shaft industrial shredder. This kind of new cutting chamber for double shaft industrial shredder had been firstly applied to 5 sets of hazardous waste disposal projects.

Eight shining features of Harden Double Shaft Industrial Shredder with brand new Cutting Chamber


Hardenbrand new cutting chamber for double shaft shredder has already reached the world-class level not only in machine performance but also reliability. More features of Harden double shaft industrial shredder as below for further information.


l  New generation of bearing structure technology ensures double shaft industrial shredder 30% up stability and bearing life

l  Newcutting chamber equipped with European reducer achieves double shaft shredder higher durability and reliability

l  Lownoise level of metal shredding due to completed finite element analysis for whole designs

l  Doublesupport guarantees very little malfunction of stator knives

l  Quadrupleseals, dust-proof maze, and material baffle for core part protection

l  Full range of enclosed lubrication of the bearing and gear seat.

l  Housing set can discharge expired lubricating oil

l  Furthermodular design improved the efficiency of double shaft industrial shredder after maintenance

Harden has established the strategic thought of technology leadership while introducing and researching world-class solid waste shredding technology. To offer better solid waste disposal technology and service, Harden will not stop its step to pursue product innovation and product differentiation, will keep the advanced features of double shaft industrial shredder meanwhile.