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Some Suggestions on How to Choose a Suitable Shredder for Processing Solid Waste

Some Suggestions on How to Choose a Suitable Shredder for Processing Solid Waste

Issue Time:2020-11-17

A good choice of solid waste shredder can help users solve problems. But how to choose a suitable one from a various types of shredders in the market is a skill. Now here we would like to give your some ideas from 2 aspects. 

01.   What size of solid waste shredder we should choose?

Firstly, size choosing is based on the material characteristics and the requirement of discharge size.

Secondly, we suggest choosing a larger power shredder than the one that current crushing work needed. Because as the operation time increases, the cutter will become blunt, then more energy consumption is needed to shred the material. If the shredder has sufficient surplus power, the shredder can continue operation for a longer period of time without maintenance before tool replacing.

Besides, knife box should be big enough, so the material should be grabbed as much as possible.

Finally, in addition to the model and power, it is also necessary to consider factors such as the size of the knife hook and distance between shafts, the feeding chamber and the material characteristics.

01.   What kind of feeding method we should choose?

Batch feeding refers to grabbing a large amount of material into the shredder hopper. Batch feeding is generally used to deal with household garbage, hazardous waste, or bale materials. However, the size of knife box should be considered. If the size is not appropriate, it will cause material blockage or affect crushing capacity.

Metered feeding refers to feeding materials into the hopper at a stable control through a conveyor. It is common to deal with bulky waste, light residue from paper mills or fruits and vegetables, and kitchen waste.

If the material can be metered and fed, the crusher can monitor its feed volume and adjust the speed of the conveyed material.  Then feeding will be more effectively, with less reversals or shutdowns.

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