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Paper mill—Light reject/Pulper ropes processing system

In recent years, with the continuous increase of environmental protection, the traditional industry of pulp and paper has been greatly reduced while the waste recycling paper has been improved. Industry demand makes the rapid rise of waste recycled paper industry. Although the replacement of the original paper by the recycled paper has brought some environmental protection effects, but due to the different recycling ways and quality of waste paper, the recycled waste paper may be mixed with other impurities in the production process of recycled paper, which produces a large number of solid waste referred as recycled paper residue. Recycled paper residue can be divided into two categories: coarse material and fine material. Coarse material is mainly from the stage of pulping and slag removing, which most of them is pulper ropes. It contains about 45% metal and 55% waste material, which is highly compressed and difficult to shred. The fine material mainly comes from the cleaning and screening stage, can be divided into light reject and heavy reject. After reasonable processing, most of the waste residue after screening will be used in the application fields of incineration power generation, metal recycling and plastics regeneration, etc.

Harden has cooperated with paper mill customers with many successful cases and created a number of efficiency waste paper processing lines. The metal, plastic and pulp in material are separated through the shredding and recycling system, so that the metal can be reused, plastics can be used for re-granulation and pulp can be used as raw material for recycled paper, to realize the resources regeneration and protect the environment. 

Shredding and Application
Shredded material: pulper ropes
Shredded material: light reject 
Shredding effect of pulper ropes
Shredding effect of light reject
Metal removing effect 
Material after eddy current separation 
Application fields
Application for incineration power generation
Application for metal recycling
Application for plastics regeneration 

The display of core equipment

Double shaft shredder 

Stable operation condition / Imported high strength alloy knives / Low maintenance cost 

Belt conveyor 

Anticorrosive material / Intelligent control function of start & stop, emergency stop, etc.


Fully disperses the material 

Chain plate conveyor

Anticorrosive material / Intelligent control function of start & stop, emergency stop, etc.

Precise screen

Screens the material based on the size / Imported polymeric composite 

Magnetic separator 

Effectively removes the metal / Enclosed space to avoid the leakage of the dust 

Electrical control system 

Automatic operation / Sound-light alarm and fault visualization / Intelligent reminder

Remote data analysis 

Central database / Automatic expert system for fault diagnose / Information reminder 

Customer cases
Paper mill waste processing line, India
Paper mill waste processing line, Guangdong, China

Paper mill waste processing line, Shandong, China

Paper mill waste processing line, Zhejiang, China