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Decoration waste RDF/SRF alternative fuel preparation system, through the crushing, sorting and other environmental protection equipment processing process, the combustible waste in the construction decoration waste is extracted and prepared into 80MM size RDFISRF alternative fuel. The fuel can burn up to 4,500 kcal, about 68% of coal, and can be used in industrial kilns such as power plants and cement plants.

Relying on the two-stage shredding concept developed by Harden, magnetic separator is used to remove iron metal and wind shifter to remove heavy material mixture.

The project is designed to deal with 100,000 tons of industrial waste and 40,000 tons of bulky waste annually.

Our industrial wood shredder can efficiently process wood waste, e.g. wood pallets and boards. The wood waste will end up with tiny fragments after the shredding effect of wood shredder.

The industrial waste resource recycling system processes 10 tons of industrial solid waste per hour. It can prepare industrial solid waste such as leather scraps, cloth scraps, waste fabrics and waste plastics into refuse-derived fuel (RDF), realizing the transformation of waste into energy.

Even in the face of unsorted MSW, the primary shredder can also be efficient to shred the waste stream. Continuous forward and reverse rotation ensures that the inside of the cutting chamber will not be blocked.

The double shaft and four shaft shredder efficiently recover used plastic pallets in the industrial process, saving material storage space.

How to recycle complete waste rubber tires without manual dismantling? Look at the double shaft shredder used for waste tires shredding. Small rubber scraps are available in seconds.

If you have requirements on the discharging size of materials, this single shaft shredder can certainly meet your needs. The tools connected to the high speed spindle can easily shred the rubber scraps in the shredding process. Under the cooperation of perforated screens, the discharge size is basically unified.

This double shaft shredder is tested according to the customer's demand before delivery. The shredded material is packaged plastic film. Under the condition of continuous feeding, the maximum production capacity can reach 8 tons/hour to satisfy customer's request.

The complete set of bulky waste disposal system is provided to the customer by Harden, which includes shredders, sorting systems, dust removal system, magnetic separators, granulators, etc. The system can handle bulky waste such as sofas, mattresses, and so on. Wood chips and metals are collected separately, and combustibles from bulky waste are made into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that can be used to replace fossil fuels, greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The powerful single shaft shredder is being used for plastic products shredding. See how it works during the recycling process.

How to handle discarded mattresses is a challenge for bulky waste management and it is crucial to reduce the volume of mattresses quickly. The mattress shredder can meet the requirement in seconds. Fast and Safe.

The robust metal shredder shreds bicycle and gas tanks into small scraps, realizing size reduction and resource utilization.

The main concern of paper mill customers is how to reduce the cost of disposing of paper mill waste and make as much profit as possible from it. The paper mill waste processing system provided by Harden meets the requirements of customers.

Material: Aluminum parts from motorcycle Model Used: Double shaft shredder (the most powerful shredder) Shredding capacity: 8-10 tons/h Discharge performance: 50mm

The domestic waste disposal system adopts an automatic processing design of feeding, bag breaking, screening, recycling, shredding and conveying, which can effectively sort out plastic products, metal and other recyclable waste for resource recycling.

The single shaft shredder is equipped with an automatic arc pusher which ensures high feeding efficiency. With the cooperation of both high-speed rotating spindle and cutters, the single shaft shredder processes waste materials into small scraps. Because of the perforated screen, the discharge size is small enough.

The Strongest Tire Ring Shredder, Tire Ring Shredding Machine, Tire Ring Shredding Equipment

The tire ring shredder is working on the tire shredding based on the customer's requirement. Both the output and discharge size have met the expectations. If you want to process your own waste tires, please visit www.harden-shredder.com or inquiry info@hardenmachinery.com.

SRF Shredding Line

Our customer is a cement plant with a NSP cement production line of 4000 tons and an annual output of 1.5 million tons of cement. Two Harden's SRF shredding lines are used for the customer, which can produce 500 tons of SRF fuel daily with a calorific value of 4000 kcal per ton, saving about 300t of coal per day.

E-Waste Shredding Process

eed to process your own E-waste such as screen, computer or unrepairable household appliances? This e-waste shredding process shows how the waste is being shredded by a powerful double shaft shredder that discharges electronic scraps in small size.

Cable Drum Shredder

The cable drum shredder shreds unused wooden cable drum at one time. Under the shearing effect of cutters, the waste was turned into wood pieces. Cable drum, Just Shred it.

E-bike Shredder

The e-bike shredder has the characteristics of high torque, wear-resistant cutters, and uniform discharge size. Customers can dispose of an e-bike in seconds by using an e-bike shredder.

Industrial Waste Disposal System

The industrial waste disposal system provided by Harden converts textile into RDF, which can be used as an alternative fuel in power plant, cement kiln, and other industries. As traditional fossil has been becoming increasingly scarce, the use of industrial waste disposal system can achieve resource recovery and utilization.

Bulky Waste Shredder Helps Size Reduction

The bulky waste shredder can solve the problem of bulky waste collection, transportation, and disposal. After the shredding effect of bulky waste shredder, the discharge size is between 200-250 mm, which achieves size reduction of bulky waste.

Industrial Waste Processing System for Cement Industry

An industrial waste processing system is being used for industrial waste recycling in a cement plant. Let's see how the industrial waste processing system can efficiently deal with the industrial waste for customers.

Aluminum Can shredder

The aluminum can shredder from Harden can easily shred aluminum cans. Let's see how our aluminum can shredder breaks a lot of aluminum cans into small pieces.

Mixed Industrial Waste Shredder, Rigid Plastic Shredder, Wood Shredder

All waste from customers is tested in the factory. The new developed single shaft shredder SL2000 ensures high cutting efficiency against mixed industrial waste, rigid plastic, wood, and so on. Contact us for your own waste material.

Paint Buckets, Aluminum Strips, and Fragile Light Tubes VS Double Shaft Shredder

paint buekct shredder、aluminum shredder


wood shredder、pallet shredder、double shaft shredder

Mixed Waste (Industrial Waste & Decoration Waste) Recycling Plant

mixed industrial waste shredding system

Steel Drums Shredding & Plastic Buckets Shredding │ Hydraulic Drive Shredder

steel drum shredder、plastic bucket shredder

Aluminized Paper Shredding │ Double Shaft Shredder │ Two Shaft Shredder

aluminized paper shredder、industrial waste shredder

Industrial Waste Shredder

double shaft shredder、industrial waste shredder

Ragger Wire Shredding System from Korea

pulper rope shredding、ragger wire shredding 

Plastics Bags Shredding Machine, Single Shaft Shredder for Plastics Bags

plastic bags shredder

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Shredding Machine │ MSW Shredder

MSW shredder

Rejects Recycling from Paper Mill for RDF

paper mill waste as RDF 

Legacy Waste Treatment Line

legacy waste recycling

Ragger Wire Shredding with Different Shredders

pulper rope shredder、ragger wire shredder

Four Shaft Shredder for Waste Rubber Tires

waste rubber tires shredder

Waste Rubber Tires Treatment Line for TDF (Tire-derived Fuel)

TDF processing system、waste tires

Waste Paper Shredder

paper shredder、cardboard shredder

Four Shaft Shredder Applied in Pupler Rope Shredding

pulper rope shredder

Pulper Rope Shredding - Ragger Wire Shredding

raggger wire shredder、pulper rope shredder

Organic Waste Recycling Line for Composting

recycling line for composting

Food Waste Shredder, Organic Waste Shredder

organic waste shredder

Medical Waste Treatment System

medical waste shredder

Four Shaft Shredder for Plastics Pallet, Wood Pallet

pallets shredder、four shaft shredder

Textiles Recycling with Four Shaft Shredder

four shaft shredder、textile shredder

Biomass for Biogas Power Generation : Straw Screening and Shredding System

biomass shredding system

Textile Shredding │ Fabric Scraps Shredding │ Leather Scraps Shredding

leather scrap shredder、industrial waste

Paper Core Shredder

double shaft shredder、paper core shredding

Industrial Drums Shredding - Iron & Plastics Drum Shredding with Expected Discharge

industrial durm shredder

Iron Drum Shredding │ Oil Filter Shredding │ Jumbo Bags Shredding - Hazardous Waste Shredding

jumbo bag shredder、hazardous waste shredder

Hazardous Waste Processing - Automated Shredding System

automated hazardou waste processing

One-Stop Industrial Solid Waste Shredding System for RDF

industrial waste for RDF

Industrial Solid Waste Shredding System in Action | Leather Scraps Shredding

fabrics shredder、industrial waste shredder

Waste Rubber Tires for TDF (Tire Derived Fuel)

TDF preparation

Bulky Waste Standard Processing Plant : From Waste to Resources

standard recycling system for bulky waste

Bulky Waste Treatment Line - Bulky Waste Recycling

bulky waste size reduction system

Primary Shredder Applied for Legacy Waste Management

legacy waste shredding 

Mattress Recycling │ Bulky Waste Recycling - 100% Resouces Utilization

bulky waste recycling、

Best OCC/Obsolescence Corrugated Cardboard Shredder

occ shredder、cardboard shredder

Bulky Waste Shredder | Mattress Shredding | Sofa Shredding

furniture shredder、bulky waste shredder

Leather Scraps Shredding | Leather Shredder | Single Shaft Shredder

leather scrap shredding、single shaft shredder

Paper Mill Waste Processing Plant in Vietnam

light reject shredding、pulper ropes shredding

Phone Batteries Shredding: Lithium-Polymer and Lithium-ion Batteries

batteries shredder

Plastic Thermos Shredding | Plastics Shredder | Plastics Products Shredding

plastic product shredder

Car Lights Shredding | Plastics Shredder | Plastics Products Shredding

plastic shredder

Hazardous Waste Management - Shredding Plant

intelligent hazardous waste processing

Waste Rubber Tires Recycling Plant - Animation Movie

waste tires shredding、TDF

Recycling of Light Reject from Paper Mill

light reject recycling 

RDF Production from Industrial Waste with Harden Single Shaft Shredder

industrial waste be used as RDF 

Plastics Shredder for Confidential Destruction, Plastics Products

document shredder、plastic shredder

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Processing System: Waste to Fuel

RDF preparation、30 tons per hour 

Harden® Mobile Shredder Shredder

for Tires、Green waste、Bulky waste、Waste wood、Cars body

Harden® Mattress Recycling System

160 Tons Daily Capacity

Harden® Two Shaft Shredder for Medical 

Waste Disposal during COVID-19

Harden® Pulp and Paper Mill Waste Shredder

pulper rope shredding

Harden® Leather Shredding Machine

single shaft shredder、leather shredder

Harden® Textile & Leather Scraps Shredder

textile shredder、leather scrap shredder

Co processing of Domestic Waste in Cement Kiln with Harden® Single Shaft Shredder

MSW shredder

Harden® Industrial Hazardous Waste Shredder 

for Drum Waste & Industrial Trash & Medical Waste